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A Social Loner. Hybrid Nerd. Closet Vain. Crazy Reader. Music Enthusiast. Lazy Textmate. Coffee Addict. Sleepyhead. Daydreamer. Cat Lover. Frustrated Writer.
Most of the medias I post here are not mine, they belong to the respective owners not unless stated.
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Greece. Another thing to add to my dream destination. In shaa Allah. 

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🎶🎵 Raindrops keep falling on my FLOOR… singing this song after taking this photo & mapping my floor since I totally forgot to close my window before taking my nap not noticing the bad storm that was brewing outside, end result is that I have a mini puddle in room. Hohoho… #rainyday
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I’m finally gonna be able to have my first bite with KitKat Green Tea flavor! 🍵≧﹏≦ 

Thank you so much @lovelorn1416 for saving me this one last pack! 💋

#Kitkat #GreenTEA #sweets
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Nothing beats a free meal! Thank you for the food!≧﹏≦

#GoodbyeDiet #DahilFree #thankful
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"Beauty without Modesty, is like a conversation without Honesty" ~B.M.

Again, thank you Sis @mshebbha for this lovely hijab ♥! Please do check her pretty store @byhena if your looking for lovely hijabs like this…

#hijabi #hijabstyle #hijabstyles #filipinamuslimah #pinayhijabi #hijabfashion
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So two good friends of mine tagged me to it, so here’s my share of 20 Random Facts About Me:

1. My real name is Sittie Johaynee Diron Sampaco but I like it more if people call me “Ainie”. 

2. Among the siblings of 8, I’m the 5th child.

3. No matter what age I am, I love to think that I’ll always be a child at heart.

4. I started wearing my hijab properly last year (2013). 5. My fave color is Blue but I also love Black & Neutral colors.

6. I consider myself as a lonewolf sometimes, not because I’m a loner, simply because I love spending time with myself & being independent most of the time.

7. I also think I’m weird, hahaha… 

8. I love Noodles & Pasta!

9. I also love Ice Cream, Coffee, Milk Tea, Tea, & include I’ll include Muffin & Cupcakes to this list (Haha, so much for a foodie person). 

10. I love CATS, Panda, & Bear! ♥🐱 

11. Reading is like an obsession for me, especially if its RomCom, Wattpad, Mangas, & anything depending on my mood, just exclude my textbooks, haha… 

12. I’m a Otaku, meaning I love Animes & Shoujo Mangas, but I’m not into CosPlay.

13. I love to travel, especially if its outside the country…it’s my dream to travel the world & explore its wonders.

14. I’m a frustrated pianist & violinist, the only instrument I can play is the guitar.

15. I’m a semi-OC person, because I can’t start studying without cleaning or arranging my room or our whole apartment.

16. I’m also lazy & loves to procastinate oftentimes, which I’m trying to really change.

17. Most of the time, when I talk excitedly, I unintentionally lift out some words to my sentence thinking that I already said it already, haha… 

18. I have high patience tolerance, that’s why some people think I’m too nice but I really don’t like it when people abuse it.

19. I don’t like texting (sms)  in general, my family & some of my friends already knows this, so to those people I don’t reply to sorry about it.

20. I’m in love with my bed, that’s why I love to sleep most of the time. Haha…. (at Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
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This is a selfie request for my friend’s Mom who kindly & thoughtfully gave me this hijab as a souvenir treat! Thank you very much Tita Cynthia for the hijabs & other pasalubong! I’m in love with the vibrant colors 🌈 …I feel so blessed. 
P.S. Hope to really meet you in person. Thank you po! ☺ (at Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
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Think Happy Thoughts!
#goodvibes #happythought #quotes
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Some words of Wisdom. 
Have a great week ahead!

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